ScenarioSim & SmartChat

Learners constantly need to absorb and apply visual data to make decisions on the job. Use of realistic virtual worlds in the teaching-learning process provides interactivity and experimentation. A simulation based on such virtual worlds becomes a tool in situation analysis and experience acquisition.

ScenarioSim & SmartChat imitates the real world in virtual space allowing for the virtual interaction with characters in a computer-generated environment. It offers users immersion, navigation, and manipulation with realistic effects. These simulators are useful in teaching soft skills by creating scenarios.

uCertify ScenarioSim & SmartChat has a large number of scenarios and characters making it easy to create assessment for any use case. In addition, any of the 50+ interactive item types can be used to create a quiz based on the scenarios. uCertify offers Simulations to provide learners with real world experience and enable them to learn by exploring and experimenting

List of virtual spaces:

  1. Meeting room
  2. Airport

uCertify ScenarioSim and Smart Chat can be used to create:

  1. Real world immersive environment
  2. Mission based games
  3. Mission based games
  4. Case study based assessments
  5. Soft skills training
  6. Culture training
  7. Branching base on learner response
  8. Can be mapped to any learning resource

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